Our Story

Yatri Yoga is a studio where you come as you are, make heartfelt connections, and practice yoga in a way that creates a life of health, peace, and loving kindness. Our owners, Katherine (“Kitty”) and Stacie, are two yogis who both fell into yoga unexpectedly, and have not veered from the path since! Separately these two women have owned multiple studios for the last 15 years, and a serendipitous moment brought them together to co-create a studio that would carry on the legacy of the long-standing Longmont yoga community while bringing even more inclusive offerings to the area.

Yoga offers so much healing and such a deep understanding of Self, and that is what Kitty and Stacie want to offer into the world. When you come to Yatri Yoga, you will be right at home—regardless of age, physical ability, or experience level—and you will be guided through class by experienced and passionate teachers who are ready to challenge, empower, and support you through your journey.

We hope you will join our yoga family!

Yatri Yoga Longmont
701 Delaware Avenue, Ste. D
Longmont CO 80501