I’ve never been to yoga before. What should I expect?
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The teacher for your class will be at the desk 30 minutes before class begins, so you will get a chance to meet him/her and fill out a quick waiver. Choose the New Student Month Special or a drop-in class, and the teacher will give you a lay of the land.

  • Kick off your shoes.

Yoga is a shoe-free practice. We like to leave shoes at the front so that dirt is not tracked in to be walked on once we are all barefoot.

  • Stash your stuff.

The practice rooms are sacred spaces; we leave all of our belongings in the locker rooms. No bags, and absolutely no phones, allowed in the yoga rooms.

  • Take just the essentials in.

Bring your mat with you, and a towel and water are recommended. This is all you need; feel free to grab yoga props from the shelf in the room.

  • Make yourself at home.

OY is a welcoming and inclusive community, and the studio is a home-away-from-home for all of us. Once you practice with us, you will be part of our family.

Am I ready?

If you are thinking about it, you are ready. You DO NOT need to [lose weight / get in shape / get more flexible] in order to be “ready” for yoga. Come as you are, modify as you need to, and get prepared to have an experience beyond your expectations. For a slower and less warm class, join our Gentle Flow class. If you want a breakdown of the postures in a small group workshop, check out Yoga101.

    I don’t like the heat. Will I be able to handle this?

    There’s no way around it – those Hot Yoga classes are HOT. And in most of our classes, you are going to sweat. But bear in mind that the room is intentionally and mindfully heated, and that you are dressed to sweat, and you are ready for it. It feels way different than just a hot day outside. Most people simply find that it helps deepen their flexibility and the overall intensity of their practices.

    What should I do to prepare for class?
    • Hydrate.

    Students are encouraged to have water in class; however, the hydration you really need is the 2+ hours leading up to class, and after class is over.

    • Eat strategically.

    Your body is unique, so it will be trial-and-error to find the right fuel for your practice; most students like being mostly empty when they practice, but being too hungry will leave you low on energy and strength.

    • Budget your time.

    Class starts ON TIME. Unlike a gym, you cannot arrive after class begins and come in to class; the teacher locks the front door at class time, and there is no one else at the studio. If for some reason you need to leave class early, inform the teacher before class and place yourself discreetly in the back. If you always have to leave early, it is not a good class time for you; yoga is designed to be a complete practice, not just a workout, and the end of class is as crucial as the beginning and middle.

    • Dress to move + sweat.

    Students dress as they are comfortable (pants, shorts, sport tank, sport bra, shirt/shirtless). Choose clothes that do not restrict your movements and are closer-fitting (you will be in upside-down positions occasionally). If you are practicing a heated class, lighter clothes that are moisture-wicking feel best.

    • Show up.

    The hardest part of your class is simply SHOWING UP. It’s the truth. Once you are here, you will just move, breathe, and go with the flow of the class.

    Each and every one of us comes to our yoga class for our own reasons, and we join together in this amazing community to uplift and inspire each other.

    Do you want to de-stress? Sleep better? Feel physically lighter, stronger and more flexible?

    Are you searching for a space where you are encouraged to be yourself, and find joy and peace in the here and now? Do you want to surround yourself with a community of like-minded people?

    You’ve come to the right place!

    We will support you in achieving things you didn’t even know were possible and exceed your every expectation.

    Browse Classes and Sign up. We can't wait to practice with you!

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