Class Schedule

Yatri Yoga offers hot (100º+), heated (90º+) and unheated classes. See full descriptions of our classes on the right.


Class Descriptions

Flow (heated)
A fun and challenging flowing practice that is great for all levels. Each class is taught with a variety of sequences to challenge and invigorate you in a warm and inviting space, so that you can simply get on your mat, do the work, and leave completely revitalized. This class will work your whole body, clear your mind, and deepen your breath capacity as we move and flow together. 

Flow + Fly (heated)
A fun and empowering flow class where you will get plenty of opportunities to learn and practice arm balancing postures and inversions in a structured and intelligent way that will build your core strength and awaken the whole body.

Flow + Deep Stretch (heated)
This class add-on deepens your flexibility and range of motion by offering an optional 30 minutes of dedicated hip, shoulder, and spine stretches after your Flow class. Come discover how amazing it feels to open chronically tight areas while practicing mindfulness to cleanse the mind and spirit.

Gentle Flow (unheated)
A slower practice developed to offer a grounded and more fundamental approach to yoga that is gentle on the joints and healing for body, mind, and soul. Each class includes breath work, strengthening poses, balancing poses, and relaxation techniques while focusing on the specific needs of the individuals in the class. All are welcome, especially those who want a slower paced, less vigorous introduction to yoga in an unheated space. This class is great for every body type and every experience level.

Hot Yoga (hot 100+)
A slow, deep practice designed for all levels that cleanses the body and clears the mind. This powerful and invigorating class follows the core 26 postures and two breathing exercises as outlined from the Bikram Yoga series. The classes are challenging, gentle on your joints, and promote detoxification and healing. The room is mindfully heated so be prepared to sweat! 90-min sequence practices 2 sets of all 26 postures; 60-min sequence practices 1-2 sets of each posture.

Yoga H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training)
Jump into this fun and high intensity class to rev up your metabolism and get your heart pumping! Only 30 minutes long, Yoga HIIT is a great way to boost your mood and get you ready for whatever the day brings. Class begins with a gentle flowing sequence to warm you up, and then moves into repetitive yoga exercises practiced in short bursts with rests between sets. We will finish with a calming cool-down sequence to stretch the body, ease the mind, and leave you refreshed. (30 minutes)

Yin Yoga (unheated)
This deep and restorative class is just what you need to open your body and clear your mind. Yin postures dive deep into hip opening, heart opening (back bends), shoulder opening, and gentle twists. Your body and mind will be challenged with deep holds as you move through various floor postures that will leave you energized and revitalized. Expect to release chronically tight areas of your body and dramatically increase flexibility. (60 minutes)

Restorative Yoga (unheated)
An amazing gentle stretch, deep relaxation, and guided meditation class that will challenge you to surrender and let go of all your physical, mental and emotional stress. This class will lead you through long holds in simple floor postures with the support of blocks, blankets and bolsters. During the poses, you will be guided into a state of “yogic sleep” known as Yoga Nidra. Come experience the bliss of letting body & mind go deep into postures with total support and release. (60 minutes)

Senior Yoga (unheated)
This class is specifically designed and paced for seniors who want a class paced and designed for bodies and minds over 60. If you can safely and easily get up and down from the floor this class is for you. Deep breathing, slow gentle warm-ups and yoga poses to build strength, balance and flexibility. We’ll work on correcting lost height, regaining core strength and building balance and flexibility to keep a healthy immune system and prevent falls. A brief meditation to brighten the mind rounds out this weekly class.  (45 minutes)

Chair Yoga Fitness (unheated)
Chair yoga is a great way for Seniors and other people who have difficulty getting up and down from the floor to get the benefits of Yoga. Even if you are frail or stiff you can receive the same loosening of tight muscles, increased circulation, pain reduction and increase in strength and flexibility of a regular yoga class, all from the safety of a chair. Slow gentle movements, deep conscious breathing and a brief meditation will increase your sense of wellbeing and lighten your spirit! (45 minutes)

Flow en Español (heated)
Una práctica fluida y divertida guiada en español y abierto a todos los niveles de practicantes, desde principiantes a alumnos avanzados. Cada clase se imparte con una variedad de secuencias para desafiar y vigorizar el cuerpo e espiritú en un espacio cálido e acogedor. Saliendo de la clase, se sentirá completamente revitalizado. Esta clase trabajará todo su cuerpo, despejará su mente y profundizará su capacidad de respirar mientras movemos y fluimos juntos. (60 min)

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